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UndergroundMT2 Maximum Level 150

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UndergroundMT2 Maximum Level 150

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UndergroundMT2 Maximum Level 150: UndergroundMT2 Dedicated Root Metin2 Server Bigger then perfect: Master your skills to legendary, Balanced pvp system Optimized mount movement Individual skillcolors (Color them by yourself!383 metin2 pvp server best game metin2 pvp servers.

UndergroundMT2 Maximum Level 150 İnformations

 Maximum Level 150
- Individual skillcolors (Color them by yourself!)
- Bigger then perfect: Master your skills to legendary
- A unique Weapon-Skin System
- No yang limitation (This includes trading)
- No dragon soul alchemy
- No energy system
- The Brand new Tanna Island (Farm map)
- The Brand new sunken City Heraklion (Farm and level map)
- A Brand new Oxygen System for the Map Heraklion
- Great support with a ticket system on our homepage
- One chat for all empires
- Original metin2 itemshop with the wheel of destiny
- Blazing Purgatory
- Devils Catacomb
- Beran-Setaou
- Cape Dragon Fire
- The Brand new Mahan Valley (Level map)
- An experienced server team
- Perfectly optimized farm system for all levels
- Balanced pvp system
- 4 ring slots in your inventory
- Demontower with additional floors
- Lycans (Dagger Defence includes Claw Defence), Ninja Stone is also strong against lycans - no more bonus switching)
- 6th and 7th bonuses without PvP effects
- 6th skill for every class
- Optimized mount movement
- 5 inventory sites
- Arrow system for ninjas
- Spiders Cave 3
- Nemeres Watchtower


    Feature: Köcher. Diese bieten euch unbegrenzt Pfeile für einen bestimmten Zeitraum und sind beim Waffenhändler erhältlich.
    Feature: Es ist nun möglich, das Equipment anderer Spieler zu sehen. Hierzu existiert ein neuer Button im Target-Fenster.
    Das Zeigen des Equipments kann in den Spieloptionen blockiert werden.
    Feature: Gildenländer können nun wieder gekauft und bebaut werden.
    Feature: Verbesserte Lokalisierung: Viele der Systemnachrichten werden nun auch in der Client-Sprache angezeigt.
    Bug: Es werden nun wieder alle Client-Einstellungen beim Start geladen.
    Bug: Einige Client-Crashes im Zusammenhang mit kaputten Modellen wurden behoben.


    Feature: Added Arrow Quivers. Quivers provide you with infinite arrows for a certain time. They can be bought at the "Weapon Shop Dealer".
    Feature: It's now possible to view the equipment of other players, by pressing a new button in the target menu.
    Of course you can disallow this in your game options.
    Feature: Guild lands can now be bought again. Also, you're now able to place objects on your land.
    Feature: Improved localization (Most of the well-known system messages are now in your client's language as well).
    Bug: All client settings are now loaded correctly on startup.
    Bug: Client crashes that were caused by broken models are now fixed.

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