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Oldworld2 International Server

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Oldworld2 International Server: Players over 30 start with level 30 Every char over 30 got coins for the shop doubled his level in the beta Everyone under 30 with level 1380 metin2 pvp server best game metin2 pvp servers.

Oldworld2 International Server İnformations

+ BETA state ended!
- Players over 30 start with level 30
- Everyone under 30 with level 1
- Every char over 30 got coins for the shop doubled his level in the beta
- Skills are resetted
- New client needs to be downloaded
Changes 1.8.2016
- Town Scroll etc. droppable / Enchant Item, Reinforce Item as well
- 5 Attributes by reinforcement possible
- Biologist Quests easier
- Clam rate rised
- Coin-Shop implemented /done
- Source Updated /done
- Jin-Hee more spawn positions
- EXP-Ring from the beginning not longer storeable
- Drop issue fixed
- "Invite a friend" added to the account creation
- 3 days of doubled gold,item and exp after registration
- thiefs golve added to metin stones 45+
    Get to the maximum of power and reach level 99!
    Enhance your equipment and get the best weapons with a maximum level of 75 and armours for combatants above 70.
    Enjoy the teamwork of the long forgotten times and form to a big and strong alliance!
    Stay tuned for new movements in the world and be always on guard for dubious deeds of the evil.

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