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Metin2Phoenix Metin2 International Service: Metin2Phoenix offers a great support system without having to wait for a GameMaster is connected to the game. Duration Beta version 19.08.2016 to 29.08.2016(august 29)490 metin2 pvp server best game metin2 pvp servers.

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The beta version, in computer science, is a pre-release version of a software, but already tested by the experts, which is made available to a larger number of users, trusting in their own unpredictable actions that could lead to new bugs or incompatibilities of light software itself. MEtin2 top private server

the beta version will have a minimum duration of 10 days, as soon as each bug will be fixed server the server will be officially opened.

Awards beta version
Lv. 75 = 5 Coins
Lv. 90 = 8 Coins
Lv. 105 = 12 Coins

+1 to +3 coins for each bug that has not already been reported.

How to Report a Bug
Is possible to report a bug in the section BUG ours Board.

Metin2Phoenix offers a great support system without having to wait for a GameMaster is connected to the game.
Through the following LINK you can register and open a ticket,
after a few minutes (hours when the ticket number is high) you will receive a response.
It 's very wise to use this system as using the Internet on mobile devices,
each staffer will be notified on your cell phone to the creation of a ticket and then can help you at any time,
while you every answer you will receive a notification in the email with which you registered the account in media (always visible in the cell).
In this way it is not necessary to use the computer from both sides at the same time.

When you go in our web site,
There you can find a button to the right of the site,

Through this button,
it will be possible to set up a live chat for information / help or any problem with a game administrator.

Le FAQ are a list of questions and answers relating to a particular subject, especially one giving basic information for users of our gameplay.

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