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End of Days World metin2 p server

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End of Days World metin2 p server: End of Days World metin2 play: We would like you to present the Pvm/pvp server. No lag no bugs Max level 250, Max Stat: 125 New tracks, New monsters, New weapons375 metin2 pvp server best game metin2 pvp servers.

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End Of Days World Key features:
-Max level 250
-Max Stat: 125
-New tracks, New monsters, New weapons
-New armors
-New mounts
-New Exp multiplier, yang multiplier highlighted
-Soccer and ball drop
-Infinite mantle, bonus table
-Belt system
-Metins 6-7 opt , beads and the developers of the monsters
developers can drop dramatically inflating the NPCs in lv50 armors weapons jewelry
Pvp weapons and jewelry from punch lv50, boss (Boss room) All blood, weapons,
jewelry further develop > Pvp you can buy a lot of useful points >
the armor/weapon/jewelry it is necessary to determine the objects. Mounts
-Pvp point system, war and Imperial map only, and only 10% and 20% you can rotate the objects can be added at Skills Uriel, lv15 > lv50 lv35, levels,
NPCs can be found in the rotation and opt tax 6-7 opt -Eternal mounts, if you have the inventory you can also receive a bonus
-Ox event, war event, Imperial event, hide and seek, pvp tournament
Metin map Merchant Gift Cards already ye Dralgor

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