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Lion Sword Upgrade Items and Where drops

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Lion Sword Upgrade Items and Where drops

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Lion Sword Upgrade Items and Where drops: Metin2 Lion Sword Upgrade Items, Sura Lion Sword Where drops Monster, Chests. Metin2 online Level 75 sura-sword Lion Sword guides.402

Lion Sword Upgrade Items and Where drops İnformations

Metin2 Lion Sword Upgrade Items

Special Bonus : Average and Skill damage possible
Upgrade Yang : 10.000 20.000 30.000 45.000 90.000 150.000
Upgrade Item 1 : - 1 x
Unknown Talisman+
1 x
Demon's Keepsake
2 x
Demon's Gem
2 x
Yeti Fur+
2 x
Warrior Symbol.
Upgrade Item 2 : - - - 1 x
White Pearl
1 x
Blue Pearl
1 x
Blood Pearl.
Stats +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9
Attack Value : 90-110 96-116 103-123 111-131 120-140 130-150 141-161 153-173 166-186 180-200
Magical Attack : 77-105 80-108 83-113 90-120 97-128 103-136 107-144 109-150 105-155 95-157

 Sura Lion Sword Where drops;

Chests: Grim Reaper Chest
Monster: Fire power, Setaou leader, Setaou Hunter, Setaou fighters,Spinnenbaroness, Razador, Setaou soldier

This weapon has Average and skill damage

Lion Sword+9 Stats
From level: 75
Attack Value 180-200
Magic Attack Value 95-157
Attack Speed 26%
Average Damage
Skill Damage
[ Wearable ]: Sura

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